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Distance Learning Library Services: Google


The Wonders of Google

I encourage you to think of the library website as a portal to all your information needs. However, sometimes we just have to Google. Here are some useful tools to help you Google wisely. 

Use Google Scholar when you are not getting in Find it... Sometimes it's easier to get results due to Google's ability to retrieve results using a more natural language. Use the Google results to find keywords you may have overlooked.  

Use .gov custom search to find statistical data, reports, and information published by various government agencies. 

Use Google Advanced Search ​to limit your search by date, domain, and much more. 

Google Scholar

About Google Scholar

Tips for using Google Scholar

  • Many articles are NOT free, if you find something there make sure to check Find it... to see if the library has access
  • Carefully evaluate 
  • Many of the books from the Google Book project are included in Google Scholar; make sure that you identify the type of resource it is. 

The library pays enormous subscription fees to access scholarly resources. If you do find something using Google Scholar check to see if it is available in the Tech databases using Find it...  If not, request via 

Find Government Information

Use this search box to search ONLY government websites. By limiting the search to the .gov domain you eliminate a lot of unreliable information. Many government agencies publish reports, studies, and statistics that are useful for academic research. 

Refine a Google Search

Google Advanced Search    click here

Think Before Using Websites

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