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Services arrow icon Retired Faculty, Alumni, & Community
Members of the community who live within a 50 mile radius may register for borrowing privileges and/or Internet access. A valid Arkansas Driver's license, a residential address, a mailing address (sometimes the same as residential address), a valid phone number, and an email address are required. Applications are available at the Circulation Desk.
Children under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian accompany them to register as a Courtesty Patron in order to use the Internet.  
General Use of the Library
Community users can read magazines, journals, and books wherever they are in the library. While priority is given to the students and faculty, library space, computers, and the following services can be used when available.  
Circulation Desk
Limited items in the library are available for check out.
Borrowing Privileges
Books, audiobooks, government and state documents, scores, popular reading, youth
Initial check-out: 28 days; maximum check out time with renewal: 56 days
DVDs (Retired Faculty & Alumni only)
Initial check-out: 7 days; maximum check out time with renewal: 14 days
  • Maximum concurrent items check-out: 2 (4 for retired faculty or alumni)
  • Maximum of over-due items before account is blocked: 1
  • Maximum cash owed before account is blocked: $5.00
Computer and Library Online Resources
Once registered in the library, a community member can use a computer. He may use any available software and access the internet including all the library online resources accessible through the library website. These include article databases, electronic books and journals, and more. Access to these library online resources is not granted outside of the library.  
Reference Desk
Assistance navigating our vast and rapidly growing electronic and physical collections. Check the Reference Desk hours to see when someone is there to help.  
Printing, Scanning, and Photocopying
Community users pay $0.10 per copy/print. They can purchase a printing card at the Circulation Desk. Use the PHIL Station found at the south end of the Circulation Desk. This machine only accepts bills: $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100.
There are black and white printers on all three floors of the building and a color printer on the first and third floors. From your computer station or laptop, send your print job to the Library Universal Printer. The job is sent to a queue. Go log in to the printer release station of your choice on either floor.
To print from microform readers get a card from the Circulation Desk. Put into side of film reader. Eject the card when finished, return card & pay at Circulation Desk.
Scanning and Photocopying
The copiers/scanners are located on all three floors. Use the login pad next to the machine. If scanning, use the input controls an the copier to scan and enter email address.