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Operating HTC Vive 

Login Information 

  • Computer login- username: ---- password: --- 

  • Steam login- username: --- password: ---  

Cleaning Procedures 

  • Take off shoes when on the green screen floor cloth (if on the ground). 

  • Clean the lenses as needed using ONLY a microfiber cloth IF NEEDED. 

  • Clean equipment after EVERY session using alcohol wipes available in the ATU Video Lab. 

Knowing the Equipment  

  • To adjust helmet tightness, there is a knob on the back. Righty tighty, lefty loosey. 

  • To adjust the headphones, simply move them against your head. 

  • To adjust volume, you can locate the buttons on the left headphone. Top button increases volume, bottom button decreases volume. You can also adjust volume on the computer, just make sure that Vive is selected. 

  • When using the settings, you can use either the handles or the computer. 

  • The button below the track pad will bring up the menu. 

  • To select, use the trigger underneath the handle. 

To Start a Game 

  • Preview Screen 

  • Select game on left hand column. 

  • If it is grayed out, it needs to be installed.  

  • If there is a game that is not in the column, you can go to the store and search for it, but it must be free. 

  • To search for games, go to sort and select “lowest to highest.” This will show free games first. 

  • Permission is NEEDED before any installation is made. Installations may take hours; it depends on how large the file is. 

  • When seeking permission, maturity ratings and user reviews will be taken into account. We cannot guarantee that the game you want will be downloaded. If a game is installed a password is needed to do so from Media Lab Supervisor/assistant.  

  • Click play. 

  • Window will open up automatically. 

  • It is beneficial to have a non-user with you. Whatever you see, they can see on the screen also. 

Recording Yourself 

End of Session

  • Follow cleaning procedures as listed above. 

  • Put helmet back on the stand and plug in the handles. 

  • To close Steam- search “Steam,” select it, then hit “Stop.” The box on the bottom right corner will close and then you can exit the program. 

  • The handles will turn off when the program is shutdown. The red light on handles means it is charging. 

Ask Media Lab Assistant for questions you may have. 

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