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Cell Phone/Noise
The Ross Pendergraft Library & Technology Center seeks to provide an environment that supports a wide range of academic endeavors for Arkansas Tech University students, faculty and staff. Some Library users require quiet areas for individual research and study, while others need to interact with others or to study in groups. In an effort to meet these varied needs, the Ross Pendergraft Library & Technology Center has established zones for designated levels of noise, conversation, and cell phone use. Look for signs on structural supporting columns on the first and second floors of the building, floors managed by the library.
The third floor is managed by the Technology Center.
Library users, including staff and visitors going to and from meetings and classes, are asked to comply with these efforts to create and preserve a better study environment for everyone. Inappropriate and excessive noise should be reported to the nearest service desk.
Children in the Library
Children under the age of 12 need to be supervised by an adult in the library.
The Curriculum Materials Center located in the southeast corner of the first floor is open to all library users. After using any materials, games, or books, items must be put on the empty cart in the same condition found in.
Collection Development
The library welcomes faculty recommendations for books, videos, journals, and databases that support undergraduate and graduate curriculum at Tech. Read the whole policy. Recommend an Item for Purchase
Computer Use
Please report any regulation violations to the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the building. Violations may affect the violator's Library priviledges.
Food and Drink
Food is not permitted in the building. Covered drinks are permitted. Special attention should be given with drinks around computer equipment.
Gifts, Donations
The Library accepts materials that help us fill in collection gaps, support subject-based curriculum, or enhances the value of the institution in the scholarly community. Read the whole policy.
If you have some books to give to the library, open and fill out our Item Donation Form. Print and sign it before sending it to Eric Rector, library director, at erector@atu.edu.
Lockers (Location)
Lockers' dimensions are: 10.5” W x 15” H x 17” D. They can be checked out for three days, with one renewal available. Lockers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Patrons may only check out one locker at a time.
If a key is not returned within five days of the due date, all personal items will be removed from the locker and placed in the Library’s Lost and Found. If the key is not returned after 30 days, the patron’s account will be charged a $50 replacement fee and a $10 lost processing fee. If the key is reported as lost, the patron’s account will be charged immediately. Items removed from lockers will be held in the Library’s Lost and Found for a week after the patron’s account is charged. After that, they will be turned over to ATU Public Safety’s Lost and Found.
The Library reserves the right to inspect the lockers if prohibited items are suspected.
The prohibited items are:
  • Perishable items and food or drink not in sealed containers
  • Illegal or dangerous items or substances
  • Items with a noticeable aroma
  • Library material that hasn’t been checked out to the patron.
  • Electronic devices, unless they are turned off
Low Noise Area
Low noise areas designate areas for moderate conversation, low-level group study (first floor), and minimal cell phone use.
No Tobacco Policy
The use of any tobacco product is not permitted on campus. Arkansas Tech is tobacco free on its campuses in Russellville and Ozark since August 1, 2009.
Posters and Handouts
There are two poster boards on the library's first floor: South lobby and in front of the elevators. University non-affiliates must receive approval from the Library Director. University organizations & affiliates may post their flyers freely. The library has the authority to retrieve any poster/flyer from the boards if deemed necessary.
Quiet Study Area
Quiet study areas designate quiet areas for individual study. Conversations and noise should be kept to a minimum. Cell phone use is discouraged. Calls should be taken in the designated low noise areas available on both floors.