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Alumni, retired faculty, and members of the community who live within a 50 mile radius may register as Courtesy Patron for borrowing privileges and/or Internet access within the library. A valid Arkansas Driver's license, a residential address, a mailing address (sometimes the same as residential address), a valid phone number, and an email address are required. Applications are available at the Circulation Desk.
Children under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian accompany them to register as a Courtesty Patron in order to use the Internet.

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General Use of the Library
Courtesy patrons can read magazines, journals, and books wherever they are in the library. While priority is given to the students and faculty, library space, computers, and the following services can be used when available.
Book Scanner
The book scanner allows you to scan book pages and send them to your email as PDF. It is located in RPL129, next to the Tech Learning Center.
Circulation Desk
The Circulation Desk is staffed from opening to closing time. Someone can help you with checking out, returning, or renewing materials, but also with finding a book or other item. They also can assist you with basic issues related to printing and network access, or adding money to your card.
You can borrow general education textbooks, headphones, dry erase markers, Praxis flashcards and other test prep books, a webcam, a calculator, and even a laptop (during weekdays only).
Computers and Library Online Resources Use
In order to use a computer, a registered Courtesy Patron must mention it at the Circulation Desk. They will receive a temporary user name and password that will allow them to log on to the university network from a library computer. They may use any available software and access the internet including all the library online resources accessible through the library website. These include article databases, electronic books and journals, and more. Access to these library online resources is not granted outside of the library.
Document Copier / Scanner
There is a Document Copier / Scanner in RPL 129 (next to the Tech Learning Center) and one on the second floor, by the Compact Shelving, the Audio Lab, and the Video Lab. It allows you to copy anything. Better yet, you can scan some document and either print it or send it to your email in PDF format.
Headphones are available at the Circulation Desk. They can be borrowed for a 4-hour period and used within the library.
Office Supplies
Office supplies, such as three-hole punchers, scissors, stapplers, paper cutters are available on the first floor at the Reference Desk, on the second floor by the scanner / copier machine (near the service desk), and on the third floor at the Technology Center desk.
There are two black and white printers on each floor of the library. In addition, there is a color printer on the first floor and one on the third floor.
A print job must be sent to the printer named Universal Print Queue from any computer in the library. One can then log in into the printer release station of their choice and print the job.
Mobility Print allows you to print documents to networked printers all over campus from your personal mobile device (phone, laptop, tablet). Devices must be connected to ATU-Wireless in order to take advantage of Mobility Print. Print jobs summited through Mobility Print can be released from any print release station. How to connect to Mobility Print?
$20.00 are placed on every student account at the start of every semester for printing. Black and white print jobs are charged $0.10 per page. Color print jobs are charged $0.30 per page.
When you run out of money, you can add funds to your Tech ID. Use the PHIL Station found at the south end of the Circulation Desk. This machine only accepts bills.
Research Help Desk (previously known as Reference Desk)
The Research Help Desk is located on the first floor, near the north entrance. It is where one goes to receive in-person research help, retrieve an item requested through Interlibrary Loan, or get first level help for any issues related to printing or computer access.
On a regular semester weekday, the desk offers its services between 8am and 10pm (Fridays from 8am to 6pm).
For research, you can always visit the Ask Us webpage. And the Research Help Desk is reachable by phone at (479) 964-0570, by text at (479) 802-4876, or by email at
Restrooms (female, male, unisex)
There are restrooms on each floor. On the first floor, they are located near the north entrance. On the second and third floors, they are located behind the elevators.
The unisex restroom is located in the north entrance lobby.
All software available on a library computer or virtual machine located in the library are listed under the title "Common Image" and any title icluding RPL on the OIS Software webpabe. CTRL + F for RPL will retrieve quickly the information.