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Access is granted to all affiliates of Arkansas Tech University.
A database is an organized collection of data, usually stored electronically, that includes tools for easy search and retrieval of information. This would qualify to almost all our electronic resources, but there are differences between them. Most will have a tool for retrieval, but what is retrieved may differ from one database to another.
The distinction between databases is often done regarding the content that it offers. Here is a list of the most frequent content types found in electronic databases accessible through the library website.
  • full text: access to the entire text of an article (mostly scholarly material). Many times, the retrieved document is a digital copy (usually in PDF) of the print journal, showing the entire pages where the article was printed.
  • citations/abstracts: access to a summary of the article and its publication information. However, there is no access to the full-text through those databases.
  • newspapers: some databases will show the articles in PDF (scan of original printed format) and some will simply show the content in an HTML format (loss of formatting and images)
  • eBooks: access to over 250,000 books on all topics and subjects
  • streaming media: films, music of all styles, audiobooks, music sheets
  • index: arrangement (by author, title, or subject) citations to articles in a selected group of periodicals
  • interactive: responding to a user's input so the content may be delivered
  • images: historical and geographical maps, photographs, pictures
  • directory: list of persons or organizations, systematically arranged, giving address, affiliations, etc. for individuals and address, officers, functions, and similar data for organizations
There are several other digital collections available for everyone.
  • The ATU Agricola collection offers access to the Arkansas Tech University yearbooks from 1912 to 1973 through the university digital repository managed by the library. Some years have not yet been digitized. The library is working on adding those missing years. The years listed offer the possibility to download the PDF and search within the yearbook.
  • The Arkansas Gazette and Arkansas-Democrat Gazette Indexes collection include searchable PDF indexes to the Arkansas Gazette from 1880-1893, January-June of 1957, 1960-1967, 1974-1975, 1980-1990 and the PDF indexes to the Arkansas Democrat, 1990, and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 1991-1993,1996, & 1998.