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The Arkansas Gazette or the Arkansas-Democrat Gazette?
The Arkansas Gazette, Arkansas’s first newspaper, was established in 1819 and was the oldest continuous newspaper west of the Mississippi River. As the state’s newspaper of record, the Arkansas Gazette chronicled the history of Arkansas for 172 years, making it a critical source of primary facts and information about everyday life, as well as pivotal moments in the state. The current Arkansas Democrat-Gazette is the result of a newspaper competitors’ war in the late 1980s. On October 18, 1991, the Democrat purchased all the assets of the Gazette, including its subscription list, and renamed the combined newspaper the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette the next day. Read more about the complete history of this newspaper at the Encyclopedia of Arkansas or at Arkansas Online, the web-version of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.
The links below include searchable PDF indexes to the Arkansas Gazette from 1880-1893, January-June of 1957, 1960-1967, 1974-1975, 1980-1990. Also included are PDF indexes to the Arkansas Democrat, 1990, and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 1991-1993,1996, & 1998.
Microfilmed issues of the Arkansas Gazette are available in the first floor Periodicals room from 1819-1991. Issues for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette are available from 1991-present either on microfilm (1991-2014) or bound in compact shelving on the second floor (2015-present). Most current issues are available in the Periodicals room on the first floor.
Please see the Reference Desk or Circulation for assistance with microfilm.
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