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Book Scanner
The book scanner allows you to scan book pages and send them to your email as PDF. It is located in RPL129, next to the Tech Learning Center.
Collection Management and Development
The library welcomes faculty recommendations for books, videos, journals, and databases that support undergraduate and graduate curriculum at Tech. While we may not be able to purchase all recommended items, we do appreciate your submissions as they inform us of faculty needs. For books and materials required for faculty research, please use our Interlibrary Loan service. If you would like to request a journal or database, or if you need something right away, please contact your departmental liaison directly (see Library Liaison service listed on this page). See our General Collection Management Policy for more information about library selection and purchasing.
If you have a book or video to suggest, tell us! Use this online form to submit your request.
Recommend a library item for purchase
Course Reserves
Faculty may put personal or library items on reserve in the library. Items will be available at the Circulation Desk.
Course Reserves such as library books and DVDs, or faculty personal items are held at the Circulation Desk. Electronic items on reserve are accessible online directly from the Course Reserves page.
Professors have selected those materials to allow all their students to have access to them.
Students can check these items for periods of time from two hours to one week, at the discretion of the faculty member. The 2-hour check-out items can only be used within the library.
DVDs placed on reserve at the Circulation Desk will have a check-out time of two or more days. This can work if the faculty wants one movie to be seen by the whole class in the length of several weeks. If a faculty member wants a movie to be on reserve to only be viewed within the library, the DVD will be placed on reserve at the Media Lab Control Room on the 2nd floor. This DVD does not leave the Control Room and is played within the Media Lab.
Faculty must go to the Circulation Desk to place their physical personal items in the Course Reserves. Other items (physical and electronic) can be specified in details in the appropriate Faculty Course Reserve Request Form
Die Cutting Press and Stamps
The library has a die cutting press and many stamps: alphabet, numbers, and more. These are located near RPL-121. Ask at the Research Help Desk.
Document Copier / Scanner
There is a Document Copier / Scanner in RPL 129 (next to the Tech Learning Center) and one on the second floor, by the Compact Shelving, the Audio Lab, and the Video Lab. It allows you to copy anything. Better yet, you can scan some document and either print it or send it to your email in PDF format.
Find it...
Start your research with Find it..., the library scholarly search engine accessible from the library homepage.
Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
Interlibrary Loan allows Tech students and faculty to borrow a book or to get an article from another library if the Tech library does not have direct access to it. One will be notified when the item arrives and will be able to pick it up at the Reference Desk. No need to travel!
There is a short video (accessible from the homepage) explaining how to search for a needed book or DVD in Find it... and easily complete the online ILL form.
Learn more.
The laminator can laminate surfaces up to two feet wide. The machine needs to warm up for thirty minutes before use. The service is offered from 8am to 5pm. Ask at the Research Help Desk for assistance.
Library Instruction
Library instruction is provided through the Public Services Department. It may be taught by your department's library liaison whenever possible. Faculty can request a class visit and specify the topics and length of the instruction. If you have any special librarian requests please let us know in the last part of the Library Instruction Request.
Library Resources for Faculty
The Faculty Resources guide compiles the best library resources for faculty: from a list of popular databases to library instruction information to RefWorks information to a list of streaming media and much more.
Lockers' dimensions are: 10.5” W x 15” H x 17” D. They can be checked out for three days, with one renewal available. Lockers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Patrons may only check out one locker at a time. (Location. Read the Lockers' Policy.)
There are two black and white printers on each floor of the library. In addition, there is a color printer on the first floor and one on the third floor.
A print job must be sent to the printer named Universal Print Queue from any computer in the library. One can then log in into the printer release station of their choice and print the job.
Mobility Print allows you to print documents to networked printers all over campus from your personal mobile device (phone, laptop, tablet). Devices must be connected to ATU-Wireless in order to take advantage of Mobility Print. Print jobs summited through Mobility Print can be released from any print release station. How to connect to Mobility Print?
$20.00 are placed on every student account at the start of every semester for printing. Black and white print jobs are charged $0.10 per page. Color print jobs are charged $0.30 per page.
When you run out of money, you can add funds to your Tech ID. Use the PHIL Station found at the south end of the Circulation Desk. This machine only accepts bills.
Research Help Desk (previously known as Reference Desk)
The Research Help Desk is located on the first floor, near the north entrance. It is where one goes to receive in-person research help, retrieve an item requested through Interlibrary Loan, or get first level help for any issues related to printing or computer access.
On a regular semester weekday, the desk offers its services between 8am and 10pm (Fridays from 8am to 6pm).
For research, you can always visit the Ask Us webpage. And the Research Help Desk is reachable by phone at (479) 964-0570, by text at (479) 802-4876, or by email at
The Library Connection
The Library Connection is the library's electronic newsletter. Learn more about the library's resources, services, events, and initiatives. Access all the issues of The Library Connection.
Departments Liaisons Contacts
Click a College to view/hide the contact person for each individual department.
College of Arts & Humanities
Art: Lowell Lybarger, RPL 210, (479) 964-0584,
Behavioral Sciences: Angela Black, RPL 105, (479) 964-0558,
Communication and Media Studies: Lowell Lybarger, RPL 210, (479) 964-0584,
English: Angela Black, RPL 105, (479) 964-0558,
History and Political Science: Charity Park, RPL 106, (479) 964-0561,
Music: Lowell Lybarger, RPL 210, (479) 964-0584,
World Languages: Philippe Van Houtte, RPL 221, (479) 498-6042,
College of Business and Economic Development
School of Business: Angela Black, RPL 105, (479) 964-0558,
Agriculture and Tourism: Philippe Van Houtte, RPL 221, (479) 498-6042,
College of Education and Health
Teaching and Educational Leadership: Sherry Tinerella, RPL 121, (479) 964-0571,
Kinesiology and Exercise Science: Sherry Tinerella, RPL 121, (479) 964-0571,
Nursing: Sherry Tinerella, RPL 121, (479) 964-0571,
Emergency Management, Professional Studies and Student Affairs Administration: Sherry Tinerella, RPL 121, (479) 964-0571,
College of STEM
Biological Sciences: Carol Hanan, RPL 107, (479) 968-0288,
Engineering and Computing Sciences: Eric Rector, RPL 104, (479) 968-0417,
Mathematics and Statistics: Eric Rector, RPL 104, (479) 968-0417,
Physical and Earth Sciences: Eric Rector, RPL 104, (479) 968-0417,