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The Tech library physical items are divided in many collections, mostly defined by their physical locations within the building. While most of the items are regular books, the library also holds other mediums such as DVDs, picture books, magazines, and even stainless steel die cuts. When available for checkout, all items are classified following the Dewey Decimal System, except the Government Documents (following the Superintendent of Documents system).
The collections are listed by size and named after their physical location in the library
  • Book Collection: 160,000 books on all topics and subjects (2nd floor)
  • Microfiche Collection: over 7,000 books available in microfiche format (1st floor)
  • Government Documents Collection: the Tech Library is a Federal Depository and thus houses official documents published by the United States Government. More recent publications are published online-only. (2nd floor, in Compact Shelving)
  • Curriculum Materials Center & Children's Literature: instructional materials for K-12 classroom including text books. Children's books include picture books, leveled readers, multi-lingual, nonfiction, juvenile & young adult fiction and more (1st floor). Visit the Curriculum Materials Center Research Guide.
  • Reference Collection: encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, Tech yearbooks (1st floor)
  • Special Collections (2nd floor): books, maps, and posters which are unique, fragile, or related to the history of Arkansas Tech, Pope County, the River Valley, and Arkansas. To arrange an appointment to view items, fill out the registration form.
  • Arkansas Documents Collection: the Tech Library is a partial State Library Depository and thus houses official documents published by the state of Arkansas. More recent publications are published online-only. (2nd floor, in Compact Shelving)
  • Oversized Collection: larger volumes, atlases, and folios unable to fit on regular book shelves (2nd floor, in Compact Shelving)
  • Index Collection: selected periodicals and newspapers (1st floor)
  • New Books: recently acquired books in a variety of disciplines (1st floor)
  • Popular Reading Collection: featured collection of best-sellers and popular, non-academic titles for leisure reading (1st floor)
  • Atlases Case: large-format atlases and oversized reference materials (1st floor)
  • DVD Collection: over 6,000 titles! Movies, TV films and series, documentaries, animated, and more (1st floor) Browse the DVD Collection.
  • CD Collection: thousands of CDs from classical to jazz and from blues to big bands (2nd floor, in Media Lab)
  • LP Collection: large collection next to a turn table and a computer for digitization (2nd floor, in Media Lab)
  • Score Collection: bound volumes for musical notation for instrumental and choral arragements in a variety of genres (2nd floor, in Compact Shelving)
  • Audiobooks: books and spoken words on CD-Audio and MP3 disks (1st floor)
  • Periodicals Area: current issues of magazines, journals, and newspapers (arranged by title) (1st floor)
  • Periodicals: older bound volumes of magazines, journals, and newspapers (2nd floor, in Compact Shelving)
  • Map Cabinet: contains maps, charts, and posters (1st floor)
  • Display Case: temporary exhibits of small personal collections (1st floor)