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The Ross Pendergraft Library & Technology Center Building
The Ross Pendergraft Library & Technology Center at Arkansas Tech University opened in June of 1999 with the official dedication taking place in October. Planning for the new facility began in 1997 with a $12.4 million gift for the project from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation of Tulsa in honor of Ross Pendergraft, class of 1948. A ground breaking ceremony was held in April 1997. The previous library facility had been constructed in 1936 and remodeled in 1966 when enrollment was 2,202 students (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 1997). The new building was designed by AMR Architects Inc. of Little Rock. It is 91,000 square feet with 27,000 sq. ft. of usable space on each of the three floors. The facility houses the library, Music Lab, Technology Center, Campus Support Center, a board room, and various offices. The display case in the North lobby contains memorabilia and information about Mr. Ross Pendergraft who passed away in 1998.
Printing and Photocopying
Students may use their Student ID to print and photocopy in the Library. Photocopies and regular computer prints cost $0.10 each, color prints cost $0.30 each. Color Printers are located on the first and third floors. Each student starts a new semester with $20.00 credited on their accounts for printing/copying purposes. Once the "print" money is used, one can add money to one's account using the PHIL station located at the South end of the Circulation Desk (first floor of the Library). If needed, ask for assistance at the Circulation Desk. The PHIL station accepts $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills.
If a student has "Wonderbucks" on his/her account, that money can be used to print or photocopy only if the account has no other resources.
Courtesy Patrons are able to photocopy or print using their Library Card. A courtesy patron must add money to his/her library card using the PHIL station. Only then can the courtesy patron can use this card to print or photocopy.
Technology in the Building
The Office of Information Systems constantly updates and upgrades all computer labs accross the campus. The library is the biggest computer lab. Discover the available technology in the library.
In an effort to meet all needs from a varied population of users, the Ross Pendergraft Library & Technology Center has established some policies regarding noise levels, food and drinks, and posters and handouts.