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Dr. Yi's Newspaper Assignment: Finding Newspaper Articles in the Library

To find articles in the New York Times

Go to the library homepage ( and click on the A-Z Databases link.

Type New York Times in the search box and hit Go.

Click New York Times with Index link.

Change to the Advanced Search

Change the dropdown Publication Date to “On this date…”

After selecting a date, sort the results by Oldest first, and then select a link with A1 in the citation.

Click on the Page view-PDF button and find an article. Stories on A1 are front-page ones that are more likely to be covered in the other two newspapers. 

When you look at the stories on the front-page of New York Times, be flexible with the key words of the topic. 
Select an article and then go back to the library’s homepage to find articles in the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post.



Find Articles in the Wall Street Journal of Washington Post

From the library’s homepage (, click on Find It…

Click on A-Z eJournals

Type in Washington Post and click on the magnifying glass

Click on the link

Select ProQuest Newsstand

Go down to Browse specific issues, select a year, select a month, and then select a day

Click on the Search within link

Add in search terms (do not use the exact title since they will not be the same in all papers)

You should have results, but if not try another article or change the key words in New York Times. In order to make comparisons, you can open three browsers at the same time.