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Best Choice - Read Online

Pro: Simplest Way to Access    Con: Must have Internet connections 

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Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions is the software that gives permission to access publications through the library's database. So you need to have an account no matter what device using. You sign-in with a separate username & password that you create. 

For Desktop/Laptop - Adobe Digital Editions also is the name of the desktop reader to download. 

For Mobile Devices - Adobe requires the Bluefire Reader app.

If You Must Download

Do this from the device you wish the book to be available on.


Choose device.


It is necessary to download the ebook if you will not have Internet access at some point when you need to read book. 

Use the device that you want to download book onto. Adobe Digital Editions does NOT sync between devices.

Follow the prompts within. Here is an outline of the steps:

  1. You are prompted to sign in with Tech username and password when clicking the book title.
  2. Click Download Book
  3. Choose device
  4. Click Get Adobe Digital Editions if you need the laptop/desktop app. Otherwise skip this step.
  5. Click Done with this step
  6. Download Your Book -
    • Select Loan Length (you can always renew or check out multiple times). 
    • EPUB format is default which works with suggested apps
  7. Click Download

See Adobe Digital Editions information 

Continue to Mobile Device or Laptop/Desktop

Mobile Device Download

Bluefire Reader required for mobile devices.

Download from your App store

Once book is downloaded, open app.



Laptop/Desktop Download

  This is what the book looks like in the desktop app. 

This will download as an acsm file. Open the file > opens Adobe Digital Editions