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Arkansas Governor's School

This guide will give you resources accessible and relevant for all students, faculty, and staff of Arkansas Governor's School.

Do you need to study for the ACT?

If you are stressed about the ACT or other standardized exams, look no further than these resources to help you take practice tests, improve your skills, and prepare for college.

Have you met Research Companion?

Research Companion is a special kind of tool to help you guide your research, evaluate your sources, and teach you basic library skills to pay the research bills.  Includes short video tutorials, a source evaluator tool, and more:

Using Opposing Viewpoints to find Viewpoints

Liberal and Conservative Publications

Need a counter-argument to your argument?  Try searching for editorials in these popular magazines and newspapers who, according to, have a liberal or conservative bias.  The bias within each publication is not a reflection of their accuracy or credibility.  Additionally, the news stories themselves may or may not be written with a specific bias.  However, look for editorials or opinion columns for the conservative or liberal opinions on issues and news.

Information on bias comes from AllSides Media Bias Chart, Version 3, 2020: 

Welcome to the Arkansas Governor's School Library Guide!

Welcome to this special guide to library resources for Arkansas Governor's School students, faculty, and staff.  All of the databases, videos, and ebooks included in this guide are freely available to anyone on campus at Arkansas Tech University.  Many of these resources are available thanks to the Arkansas Traveler Project, funded by the Arkansas State Library and the Institute of Museums and Library Services.

Feel free to browse resources by subject:

Drama  English / Language Arts  Mathematics  

Music  Natural Sciences  Social Sciences Visual Art

Videos and Films

Controversy and Current Events

Arkansas Governor's School is a place you will discuss, challenge, and debate the social problems of our time.  Here are few resources to help you find the facts, get some perspective, and stay updated as events unfold.

General Databases

Google got you down?  Do you find Wikipedia weak?  Try these sources for scholarly, reputable information to help you feel and sound smart in virtual chatrooms or physical classrooms.

Sources for Public Opinion

Looking for a good book?

Here are some free sources of ebooks and audiobooks to help get you started on your summer reading.