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About the Media Lab

The Media Lab is open to the entire Tech community, offering incredible digital music capabilities. Patrons can compose, print, playback, and record original music electronically; digitize analog recordings; develop aural skills through interactive programs; create marching band drills; edit and burn existing digital music; as well as listen to and watch multimedia titles.

The lab has 18 networked PC workstations, and a state-of-the-art audio-visual projection system. The Control Room contains 2 PCs, a scanner, and a Media Tower that allows distribution of media to twelve student workstations with HD television monitors for film course reserves.

The Media Lab houses the library's recorded music collection of over 6000 audio titles primarily on CD and LP, including many rare recordings not available in digital format.  The library also hosts an impressive collection of streaming audio and digital music recordings such as the Naxos Music Library and Digital Theatre Plus.


Digitization Services
Request for digitization must be addressed to Lowell L. Lybarger, Media Librarian, by phone at (479) 964-0584 or email at
The requestor is affiliated with ATU The requestor is not affiliated with ATU
Fees Processing fee $2.00 $5.00
Rush Order Double the cost of the order Double the cost of the order
Conversion Services Flatbed Scanning $5.00 per sheet $10.00 per sheet
Digital Camera Scanning $16.00 $28.00
35mm Mounted Slides and Negatives $1.50 (per slide) $3.00 (per slide)
Audio Conversion $12.50/tape (all formats) $25.00/tape (all formats)
Video Conversion $12.50/tape (VHS conversion to DVD-R or file) $25.00/tape (VHS conversion to DVD-R or file)
Copies of Existing Scans $3.00 ($6.00 for audio and video files) $5.00 ($15.00 for audio and video files)
Delivery Charges User provided flash drive Free Free
CD $1.00 each $1.00 each
DVD $1.00 each $2.00 each
DVD case (thin or standard) $1.00 each $1.00 each
Shipping and Handling at cost ($4.00 minimum) at cost ($4.00 minimum)
Ross Pendergraft Library & Technology Center
Media Production Labs
Media Lab Control Room: (479) 498-6043
Media Production Labs Director: (479) 964-0584
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