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A Guide for Students in Tech 1001 and 1013


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The purpose of this guide is to introduce you to the services and resources available to you at the library.  Think of the library web pages as your research portal. Use Find it... the library's discovery tool to find any type of library materials you need. Choose from the many filters available to narrow your search. 

Why Use Library Resources?

Quick Facts 

1. Find it... searches the library physical collection & most of the 300+ databases the library subscribes to. 

2. Use Research Guides for subject specific resources.

3. AskUs offers multiple ways to access help with research.

4. Using the library's resources saves time because of the quality of the materials.

5. Check out RefWorks in the tab aboveThis tool allows you to organize and save your research as well as to create Works Cited or References pages. 

6. Use the library's Interlibrary Loan service if you need something the library doesn't have or to get items physically at the library. Click on the Services tab.

What the Library Has For You