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Database Help: EBSCOhost

EBSCOhost Help Page
EBSCOhost offers customizable basic and advanced searching supported by Boolean logic, natural language, enhanced subject indexing and journal searching. With links from the full record display to related articles by subject, magazine issue or author, users can further explore their topic. In addition, EBSCOhost allows patrons to print, email or download multiple articles.
EBSCOhost Video Tutorials
Introduction to EBSCOhost
EBSCOhost is a powerful online reference tool that offers a variety of full text databases and popular databases from leading information providers. In this tutorial, we will look at how to search EBSCOhost, as well as features including: the result list, previewing articles and images, and setting preferences.
Basic Searching on EBSCOhost
This tutorial demonstrates a basic search on EBSCOhost.
Advanced Searching on EBSCOhost
This tutorial demonstrates an Advanced Search on EBSCOhost
Browsing Subject Terms in EBSCOhost Databases
This tutorial demonstrates how to browse the Subject Terms Authority File in EBSCOhost as well as how to create database searches using subject terms.
Reading an Article on EBSCOhost
This tutorial demonstrates the EBSCOhost Article Detailed Record as well as features of HTML Full Text and the PDF Full Text Viewer.
Reading EBSCO eBook
This tutorial demonstrates how to read EBSCO eBooks in EBSCOhost and EBSCO Discovery Service online using your browser.
Downloading EBSCO eBooks
This tutorial demonstrates the download functionality for EBSCO eBooks.
My EBSCOhost Folder
This tutorial demonstrates the features of the My EBSCOhost Personalization folder.
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