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Database Help: ERIC Documents

ERIC Documents Help Page
Government site containing ERIC education literature.
ERIC Documents Video Tutorial
This video is an introduction to ERIC, the easy to use, searchable online library of education research sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences. The video covers basic information, including what’s in the online library, who ERIC’s main user groups are, and how to access and use the free website at For viewers who would like to learn more, there are links to other ERIC videos and additional resources.
Watch this video to learn how to find relevant and timely ERIC records in an intuitive way and, in most scenarios, without the need for advanced search logic or complex search techniques.
The tools available on the ERIC website at can help you find the articles you need to write an education-focused research paper. This video walks you through the process of writing a research paper using ERIC. Since there are multiple ways to navigate ERIC, we show various techniques to help you find high-quality resources on a topic. The video provides step-by-step instruction on how to narrow your topic, use search filters, and take advantage of the ERIC Thesaurus to target specific resources. The video also provides guidance on how to identify and select the most relevant and rigorous articles for your paper.
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