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The main Book Collection is located on the second floor. The collection is shelved in the Dewey Decimal call number order and available for checkout. The call number order goes from the South wall (starting at 000) to the North wall (ending at 999).
000-099: Computer science, knowledge, and systems; bibliographies; library and information sciences; associations, organizations, and museums; news media, journalism, and publishing; manuscripts and rare books.
100-199: Philosophy, metaphysics, epistemology, parapsychology and occultism, philosophical schools and thoughts, psychology, and ethics.
200-299: Religion, philosophy and theory of religion, the Bible, Christianity and Christians, other religions.
300-399: Social sciences, sociology, anthropology, statistics, political science, economics, law, public administration and military science, social problems and services, education, commerce, communications and transports, customs, etiquette, and folklore.
400-499: Language, Linguistics, English and old English languages, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Latin, classical and modern Greek, other languages.
500-599: Science, mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, Earth sciences and geology, fossils and prehistoric life, biology, plants, zoology.
600-699: Technology, medicine and health, engineering, agriculture, home and family management, management and public relations, manufacturing, construction and buildings.
700-799: Arts, landscape architecture, architecture, sculpture, ceramics, metalwork, graphic and decorative arts, painting, printmaking and prints, photography, computer art, film, video, music, sports, games, and entertainment.
800-899: Literature; American literature in English; literatures in English and old English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, classical and modern Greek; and other literatures.
900-999: History, geography and travel, biography and genealogy, history of ancient world, of Europe, of Asia, of Africa, of North America, of South America, of other areas.