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English 1023 - Composition II: Home

What You Will Find Here

The databases on this page are focused on literary sources and criticisms. Criticisms are scholarly publications that describe and evaluate works of literature. 

Topics, Subjects, Keywords

These keywords, topics, and SUBJECTS will help you find and interpret database results

  • Literary Criticism - A term used to describe the category of resources which analyzes literary texts to derive meaning and connect with broader themes and theories.  Articles in this category will often examine an individual work, compare works by the same author, or compare works of different authors.

  • Biography - Information about the author's life and body of work.

  • Textual Analysis or Textual Criticism - The study of a literary work for the purpose of establishing the original form or a single definitive form of its text.

  • Reference Sources - These are short articles or summaries designed to provide background information like definitions, chronology of events, important biographic details, and broad overviews of a topic.  Examples include Encyclopedias and Dictionaries.  

  • Reviews - These include articles whose purpose is to evaluate a work's quality, often for the purpose of purchasing or reading a book. 

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