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English 1023 - Composition II: Media

Videos and Audio

Use Find It to discover videos both on DVD and streaming online that will feature biographies of authors, overviews of literary movements, or theatrical adaptations of literary works.  You can also discover audiobooks featuring spoken word versions of literary texts either online or on CD/MP3-CD.

Searching for Videos in Find It

To find videos in our library collection--both in STREAMING and on DVD--search for a keyword (example: "Rose for Emily") and then limit by Resource Type: Video

Screenshot of find it limiters for Video


The library has a growing collection of online available audiobooks, including the classics of literature as well as more popular fiction and non-fiction.  The two collections below offer mobile apps to listen along as you go about your day doing other things. 

Streaming Video Collections

The Library's streaming video collection covers more than 67,000 videos.  Search many of them in these database collections: