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Borrowing Privileges
Books, Audiobooks, Government and State Documents, Scores, Youth
Initial check-out: 6 months; maximum check out time with renewal: 1 year
Popular Reading and New Books
Initial check-out: 28 days; maximum check out time with renewal: 84 days
CD, DVDs, and Games
Initial check-out: 14 days; maximum check out time with renewal: 28 days
Initial check-out: 24 hours; maximum check out with renewal: 48 hours
NOTE: Students must sign a User Agreement from the Office of Information Systems before any laptops will be loaned. The contract need only be signed once, and a copy will be kept on file at the library circulation desk and the Office of Information systems.
Reference and periodicals
Initial check-out: 3 days; maximum check out time with renewal: 9 days
  • Maximum concurrent items check-out: 25 total, including up to 10 DVDs, 15 CDs, and 5 LPs.
  • Maximum of over-due items before account is blocked: 1
  • Maximum cash owed before account is blocked: $5.00
OverDue and Fines
Items not returned 30 days after the due date will be billed to Student Accounts. You will be charged for the replacement cost of the book and a $10.00 processing fee per item.
EXCEPTION: Laptops not returned within 48 hours will be billed to Student Accounts immediately, and you will be charged a non-refundable $10.00 Lost Processing Fee, payable at Student Accounts. Failure to return the laptop to the library within 30 days will result in a Lost Item Replacement Fee of $1800 added to your Student Account. This fee will only be waived if you return the laptop to the library.
Students with delinquent accounts are not eligible for advance registration or readmission to any term nor for receiving transcripts or recommendations. Collection fees for outstanding debts owed to the University may be assessed to the student.
If items are returned in good condition, all replacement fees associated with the item will be waived. Lost item process fees will still apply. Please note, however; no refunds will be issued if the item is found and returned after payment has already been made. No exceptions.
Payments in cash only can be made at the library. For all other payment methods, please go to Student Accounts.