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Circulation Desk 
Scientific & Graphing calculators, dry erase markers, headphones, mobile white boards, and course reserves are available for check-out. Most items in the library are also available for check out but the borrowing time may vary by item and by student group. See below the borrowing privileges per student group.
Note that a Distance Learning student (DL) lives at least 25 miles from his or her home campus and takes all his/her classes online.
Borrowing Privileges per Student Group
Item for Sale
  • Laminator (Curriculum Work Space): $1.00 per linear foot (24" wide)
Reference Desk 
Assistance navigating our vast and rapidly growing electronic and physical collections as well as help finding the appropriate, pertinent, and relevant resources. Check the Reference Desk hours to see when someone is there to help.
Printing, Scanning, and Photocopying 
Students have $20.00 (200 free pages) per semester on their Tech ID for photocopying and printing.
There are black and white printers on all three floors of the building and a color printer on the first and third floors. From your computer station or laptop, send your print job to the Library Universal Printer. The job is sent to a queue. Go log in to the printer release station of your choice on either floor.
When you run out of money, you can add funds to your Tech ID. Use the PHIL Station found at the south end of the Circulation Desk. This machine only accepts bills: $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100.
To print from microform readers get a card from the Circulation Desk. Put into side of film reader. Eject the card when finished, return card & pay at Circulation Desk.
Scanning and Photocopying
The copiers/scanners are located on all three floors. Use the login pad next to the machine. If scanning, use the input controls an the copier to scan and enter email address.
Interlibrary Loan (ILL) 
Interlibrary Loan is a free service that locates and borrows from other libraries books, articles, and audio/visual items that are not part of the Ross Pendergraft Library & Technology Center's collections. This service is available to currently enrolled students (on-campus and distance learning) and presently employed staff and faculty with a valid library account that is in good standing. Distance learning students may want to read this added information. You can contact ILL by phone: 479-498-6081
Find a Physical Item (book, CD, DVD...)
Be sure to check Find it... before requesting an item through Interlibrary Loan. If you cannot find the item in our collections, search libraries near you through WorldCat. Enter title, subject or author.
Once you found the item in another library, visit the Interlibrary Loan Guide to request the item. You will need to enter all the necessary information in the online form (Interlibrary Loan Request image) accessible from the guide.
Find an Electronic Item (article)
Search in Find it.... If the article is not available, you will see a Request through Interlibrary Loan link on the page. Clicking the link automatically populates the form with the article's information. Follow the online instructions to request the article.
Study Rooms, Multimedia Rooms, and Audio Lab 
Reserve a study room, multimedia room, or the Audio Lab at
Schedule an Appointment with a Librarian 
Schedule a one-on-one appointment with a librarian to help you with your research. You will be guided as to which resources are best fit and how to retrieve material..

ARKLink offers a statewide Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement using the ARKLink Card, allowing any Arkansas Tech University affiliated person residing in the state to borrow books and other items from some 52 college and university libraries including the University of Arkansas in Fayettville, the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, and the University of Arkansas in Little Rock.
Request your ARKLink card through the form below. Your card will be mailed to the address you enter in the form.