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Information Literacy Resources: Strategies

Ross Pendergraft Library



Outcomes – Students will be able to:

Tech 1001

(All orientation to college courses)

  • formulate a search strategy using the library’s find it… search tool
  • find resources for specific subjects or courses
  • access librarian for help

Comp I

  • use a specific database to find problems or issues within a general topic
  • build a working knowledge of a topic
  • identify sources of information
  • evaluate authority of information
  • create a Works Cited page


Comp II

  • develop a strategy to find literary criticism for a specific work
  • use specific databases to find resources to support ideas about a literary work

Intro to Research


  • create search strategies for fining scholarly materials
  • find peer-reviewed journal articles on a specific topic
  • determine relevancy of information to need
  • ethically use and cite a scholarly

Graduate School

  • find resource management tool (RefWorks)
  • use tool to organize information
  • access specific databases and tools relevant to area of concentration
  • use tool to properly cite information in-text and in a bibliography