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Criminal Justice

Containing resources and information to support Criminal Justice curriculum at ATU.

Getting started with resources in Criminal Justice

Welcome to the Criminal Justice Research Guide.  Here you will find general information about locating reputable, accurate information in the criminal justice field.  Start here to find articles, statistics, journals, videos, books and other resources available online, in the library, or available freely over the web.  

Crime rate Arkansas 1983-2008

From Criminal Justice Information Services Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation (2017-12-23).  Offenses Known to Law Enforcement: Confirmed Crime Rate | State: Arkansas | Crime Type: All Crimes Reported, 1983-2008. Data Planet Statistical Datasets: A SAGE Publishing Resource [Dataset]. Dataset-ID: 01-001-004.  DOI:

Want to make a chart like this?  Check out our data visualization tool, Sage Stats.

Encyclopedias and Reference

Not sure where to begin?  Need to identify terms or learn more about a subject? Start with reference sources like Encyclopedias and Handbooks.  These can provide quick background information and broad overviews of topics without going into too much detail or taking up too much of your time.  

If you are looking at an online encyclopedia, use search features or the table of contents to find the entry you are looking for.  Books in the Reference collection are located on the first floor of the Ross Pendergraft Library.  If you need help locating the volume, just ask.

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