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Films & Video @ ATU Libraries

Everything you wanted to know about physical and streaming collections of films and video for classroom use.

Other Sources of Streaming Video

Netflix Films for Educational Licence

Important Reminders About "Free" Streaming Films

If you found a modern, full-length film on a free streaming site, don't get too excited.  It may be an illegally uploaded copy.  Before you share or bookmark these video links, keep this in mind:

  • Free Does Not Mean Stable - Many full-length videos uploaded to Youtube or other sites may get taken down if they violate copyright restrictions.  
  • Free Does Not Mean Accessible to All Students - Films illegally uploaded may lack closed captioning or subtitles, excluding hearing impaired students from educational benefit.
  • Free Does Not Mean Good Quality - Some videos uploaded to streaming sites may come from poor quality sources or had issues during the upload.  Some videos are also modified to avoid automatic detection as copyright infringement by shortening credits, distorting the audio, or 'mirroring' the video.
  • Free Does Not Mean Ad-Free - Some free sites for video content include ads.  Examples include PopcornFlix, PlutoTV, and many more legal streaming sites which are supported through ad revenue.
  • Free Does Not Mean Ethical - While it is not illegal to watch an illegally uploaded film, it supports and promotes continued theft of intellectual property.  Ask your librarian to purchase a streaming license for copyrighted content.

image of what users see indicating that their video has been blocked due to rights infringement