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Films & Video @ ATU Libraries

Everything you wanted to know about physical and streaming collections of films and video for classroom use.

Physical Collections

The Ross Pendergraft library has over 5,000 DVDs and Blu-ray videos available in its circulating collection.  These collections are divided physically into the Nonfiction and Fiction &Television Series collections.  They are all searchable in Find It.

Nonfiction Films

These include documentaries, instructional videos, and other videos not theatrically released.  These videos are located in the tall shelves, at the beginning of the Reference Collection.  All films are arranged by Dewey Decimal call number system.

Fiction Films & Television Series

These include feature films theatrically released, foreign films, television series, and televised performances of opera and drama.  These videos are arranged by genre and then title, with color-coded stickers indicating categories (e.g. Purple = Science Fiction/Fantasy, Yellow = Comedy, etc.)

Circulation Policies
  • Undergraduate Students and Tech Staff can check out up to 7 DVDs for 7 days, with renewals for up to 14 days total.
  • Faculty and Graduate Students can check out up to 10 DVDs for 14 days, with renewals for up to 28 days total.
  • ATU Alumni & Retired Faculty can check out up to 4 DVDs for 7 days, with renewals for up to 14 days total.

Where are the DVDs?